Essential knee terminology
Fabella search for term

A fabella is a little bone which sometimes forms at the back of the knee, within the tendon of the gastrocnemius muscle, like a tiny kneecap at the back of the knee.

Fabella syndrome search for term

The fabella syndrome is a set of symptoms relating to the fabella, with pain on the outer back part of the knee where the fabella can rub on the femoral condyle (knuckle of the thighbone).

Facet search for term

A facet is one of the flat surfaces at the back of the kneecap (patella).

Facetectomy search for term

Facetectomy is an operation to remove one of the facets (flat surfaces) at the back of the kneecap (patella), usually to remove an area of arthritis.

Fascia search for term

Fascia is net-like fibrous tissue that anatomically either binds structures together or separates structures into different layers.

Fascia lata search for term

The fascia lata is like a fine elasticated stocking around the muscles of the thigh.

Fasciotomy search for term

A fasciotomy is a surgical procedure to cut the fibrous casing (fascia) which surrounds a muscle compartment.

FasT-Fix search for term

FasT-Fix is a commercial device for repairing the meniscus.

Fat pad search for term

The main fat pad - or Hoffa's fat pad - in the knee is an area of cushioning fatty tissue behind the patellar tendon - but there are also other fat pads in the knee above the patellar area.

Fat pad syndrome search for term

The fat pad syndrome is a set of symptoms associated with nipping ('impingement') of the fat pad between the patella and the femoral condyle.

FCL search for term

FCL is an abbreviation of Fibular Collateral Ligament (also called lateral collateral ligament).

Femoral search for term

Femoral is an adjective describing structures and procedures relating to the femur bone.

Femoral anteversion search for term

Femoral anteversion is an inward rotation of the femur bone from the upper neck part of the femur.

Femoral condyle resurfacing search for term

Femoral condyle resurfacing is replacement of a damaged area of the joint surface of the femur with a small metal implant.

Femoral groove search for term

The femoral groove is the concave region at the lower end of the femur.

Femoral osteotomy search for term

A femoral osteotomy is a surgical procedure to cut the femur bone and realign it in an attempt to improve limb mechanics.

Femoral torsion search for term

In femoral torsion the femur bone is abnormally twisted.

Femoral-fibular reconstruction search for term

Femoral-fibular reconstruction is a surgical procedure to tighten up a lax fibular collateral ligament.

Femur search for term

The femur is the thigh bone.

Fibrin glue search for term

Fibrin glue is a sticky substance derived from blood and which is used to bond tissues together during certain knee operations.

Fibrocartilage search for term

Fibrocartilage is a tissue composed of fibrous tissue and cartilage tissue in various proportions.

Fibrosis search for term

Fibrosis is tissue thickening because of scar tissue.

Fibula search for term

The fibula is a long narrow bone to the outer side of the tibia (shinbone). At its upper end it articulates with the tibia bone and has ligamentous attachments to the femur. At the lower end it is a major component of the ankle joint.

Fibular collateral ligament search for term

The fibular collateral ligament connects the fibula to the femur, and is the same structure as the lateral collateral ligament.

Figure-of-eight search for term

Figure-of-8-running is a rehabilitation exercise where the patient runs in a pattern resembling a figure 8.

Fissure search for term

A fissure is a deep split in the articular cartilage covering the ends of the bone.

Fixation device search for term

A fixation device is a manufactured device, often bio-degradeable, which is used to fix tissues in place until healing occurs.

Fixed bearing search for term

Fixed bearing knee replacements have a fixed polyethylene tibial insert locked with the tibial tray.

Flap tear search for term

A flap tear of the meniscus is a peeling back of part of the one surface of the meniscus.

Flexion search for term

Flexion means 'bending'.

Flexion contracture search for term

A flexion contracture or flexion deformity is when someone is not able to fully straighten their leg either actively or passively.

Floating meniscus search for term

A floating meniscus is a diagnosis based on a scan where the radiologist observes that the knee meniscus has come away from its normal attachment to the tibia and is 'floating' rather than fixed.

Focal arthroplasty search for term

A small implant of metal or plastic that replaces an area of damaged joint cartilage.

Focal cartilage defect search for term

A focal cartilage defect is a circumscribed area of damage of the joint cartilage.

Focal cartilage implant search for term

A focal cartilage implant is an implant of metal, ceramic or plastic that replaces a small area of damaged joint cartilage

Focal implant search for term

A focal implant is an implant of metal or plastic that replaces a small and discrete area of damaged joint surface.

Focal resurfacing search for term

Focal resurfacing involves using a small implant of metal or plastic to replace an area of damaged joint surface.

Foot pumps search for term

Foot pumps are rehabilitation exercises to prevent vein clots when the lower limb is likely to be immobilised for a period of time.

Fracture search for term

A fracture is a bone break.

Fulkerson osteotomy search for term

The Fulkerson osteotomy is an operation to re-align the tibial tuberosity antero-medially to alter the direction of the forces going through the kneecap.

Fulkerson procedure search for term

The Fulkerson procedure is the same thing as a Fulkerson osteotomy.

Full arc extensions search for term

Full arc extensions are early rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the quadriceps and improve range of motion.

Full quads stretch search for term

Full quads stretch is a rehabilitation exercise to stretch the quads muscle and tendon.

Full squats (supported) search for term

Full squats (supported) are knee rehabilitation exercises to stregthen the quads and hamstrings.

Functional brace search for term

A functional knee brace is prescribed for moderate instability from torn cruciate ligaments, to support the knee and prevent further damage.