The tibia is the shin bone.

key structures of the tibial plateau

Illustration of the top of the tibia showing its relationship to the two menisci and the two cruciate ligaments.

tibial plateau

X-ray from the front of the joint, showing the articulation of the tibia with the femur above and with the fibula at the side. On the plateau of the tibia you can see the central tibial spines where the cruciate ligaments (which do not show on X-ray) attach. The two menisci sit atop the tibial plateau. They are not evident on the X-ray, appearing only as a 'gap' between the two long bones.

tibial plateau

Illustration showing the main relations of the upper end of the tibia. The tibia joins to the femur via a mobile articulation but to the fibula via a relatively immobile fibrous syndesmosis.


Key tibia anatomy in the knee joint

That part of the tibia which is central to the function of the knee joint is the flat upper surface - the tibial plateau.


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