A femoral osteotomy is a surgical procedure to cut the femur bone and realign it in an attempt to improve limb mechanics.

distal femoral osteotomy
Post op distal femoral osteotomy. This was actually a double osteotomy as the alignment of the tibia was also changed, and you get a glimpse of this at the bottom of the image.


Proximal or distal femoral osteotomy

The common osteotomy is the distal femoral osteotomy, in the femur bone just above the knee. The other kind of osteotomies may be that of the neck of the femur for torsional deformity or of the shaft for badly-healed fractures that need de-rotation or re-alignment.


Realignment osteotomy for knee pain

Osteotomy is the procedure of cutting a bone and realigning it to improve anatomy and function. This course by Adrian Wilson, FRCS, focuses on surgical realignment of the femur or tibia in patients whose knee symptoms can be alleviated by altering the forces through one or other side of the knee joint.

Article explaining how an elderly person's life was changed by a bilateral knee osteotomy.



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