The common peroneal nerve is branch of the sciatic nerve, which supplies movement and sensation to the lower limb.

common peroneal nerve
The common peroneal nerve is very vulnerable to fractures of the upper fibula.


Injury to the common peroneal nerve

This nerve is in a very vulnerable position and may become damaged in knee injuries, during knee surgery or from plaster casts that are too tight. Injury at the level of the fibula may cause foot drop and/or numbness in the leg or foot.

peroneal nerve

Tibial Plateau Fracture

Tibial plateau fractures are important because they affect the joint line, and need to be recognised early and treated expertly.

An 'interpretation' of an article from 2007 discussing problem that interfere with joint function after knee replacement.

An 'interpretation' of a 2004 medical publication explaining the complex anatomy of the very difficult posterolateral corner - an area where injuries are often missed by doctors.



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