The peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve that supplies movement and sensation to the lower leg.

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common peroneal nerve

It may become damaged during knee surgery, especially total knee replacement.


Symptoms of peroneal nerve injury

Damage to the peroneal nerve may cause numbness or tingling of the top of the foot and the outer part of the lower limb. It may be difficult to lift up the foot (dorsiflexion) and the foot may slap with walking.

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Peer-reviewed papers


"There are operative and non-operative options for the treatment of common peroneal nerve injuries. Non-operative treatments include ankle-foot orthoses and physical therapy...Physical therapy for common peroneal nerve injury includes a program of stretching, strengthening, mobilization, manipulation, and proprioceptive and balancing exercises. It may also include icing, ankle bracing, and/or taping."

Citation: Lezak B, Massel DH, Varacallo M. Peroneal Nerve Injury. [Updated 2022 Nov 14]. In: StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2023 Jan-. Available from:

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    Common peroneal nerve

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