Replacement of the femoral and tibial surfaces of the knee joint with metal and plastic, and generally also part of the patella.

total knee replacement
components of a total knee replacement


Total knee arthroplasty

A knee surgeon discusses why metal allergy can be important when considering knee replacement.

Knee Replacement or Arthroplasty

Several discussions about the various kinds of knee replacement and their issues.

Knee replacement surgery

A discussion about the key issues relating to knee replacement.

As surgeons, we are always looking for ways to improve the outcome for our patients after surgery.

It is not only the surgery itself that influences outcome, but other factors may positively or negatively affect things.

The AAOS (American Association of...

A discussion of those triggers that may lead to a stiff knee after knee replacement.

Total Knee Replacement

Short outline about total knee replacements




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Innovations in total knee replacement: new trends in operative treatment and changes in peri-operative management. Zanasi S. Eur Orthop Traumatol. 2011 Jul; 2(1-2): 21–31.

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Easy-to-follow eBook about what is available if you have knee arthritis and are too young for a knee replacement.