Essential knee terminology
eASC search for term

Expanded adipose stem cells - stem cells expanded in the laboratory from fat tissue taken from the patient.

Eccentric muscle contraction search for term

An eccentric muscle contraction is when a muscle produces force whilst it is actively lengthening.

Ecchymosis search for term

A bruise.

Edema search for term

American spelling of 'oedema'.

Edematous search for term

American spelling of 'oedematous'.

Effusion search for term

A knee effusion is excessive joint fluid inside the knee joint.

EFORT search for term

European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome search for term

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a hypermobility disorder of the joints.

EKA search for term

Abbreviation for 'European Knee Association'.

Elmslie Trillat Procedure search for term

A surgical procedure to improve the alignment of the patella.

ELPS search for term

Abbreviation for 'excessive lateral pressure syndrome.'

Embryogenesis search for term

Embryogenesis is the process of development of an embryo.

Embryonic stem cell search for term

A progenitor cell derived from an embryo.

Endobutton search for term

An endobutton is a fixation device to secure the upper end of a hamstrings graft during the procedure of cruciate ligament reconstruction.

Endocrine search for term

Endocrine means via production of hormones that affect bodily functions.

Epicondyle search for term

An epicondyle is a bony bump or 'knuckle' upon a rounded end (or condyle) of a bone.

Epidural anaesthesia search for term

Numbing the lower part of the body by a fine catheter (tube) is passes into the epidural space around the spinal cord and injecting local anaesthetic solution.

Epidural catheter search for term

A fine tube which is inserted into the epidural space around the spinal cord, for the administration of an anaesthetic agent.

Epidural space search for term

A space around the spinal cord outside of the spinal cavity in which the cord runs.

Epiphysis search for term

The rounded end of any long bone, adjacent to the growth plate.

ERMI search for term

ERMI is the abbreviation of End Range Motion Improvement - a rehabilitation device to improve end range of motion of the knee.

Erythema search for term


ESC search for term

Embryonic stem cell - a stem cell derived from an embryo.

ESSKA search for term

Abbreviation for the 'European society of shoulder, knee and ankle surgery'.

Evidence-based search for term

Underpinned by peer-reviewed published studies.

Excessive lateral pressure syndrome search for term

Excessive lateral pressure syndrome (ELPS) is a collection of symptoms and signs related to the edge of the kneecap being forced abnormally against the wall of the underlying groove.

Excision search for term

To 'excise' means 'to cut out'.

Extension search for term

Extension means 'straightening'.

Extensor mechanism search for term

The extensor mechanism consists of a chain of anatomical structures including the quads muscle and kneecap that work together to straighten the knee.

External fixator search for term

Metal apparatus to hold together the broken ends of a bone via rods drilled through the skin into the bone.

Extra-articular search for term

Outside the joint.

Extraarticular search for term

'Extra' means outside of and 'articular' means the joint so if something is extraarticular it means that it is outside of the cavity of the joint.

Extracellular matrix search for term

The extracellular matrix is a 3-dimensional network of large molecules outside of the cells (eg collagen) that provide them with structural and biochemical support.