An endobutton is a fixation device to secure the upper end of a hamstrings graft during the procedure of cruciate ligament reconstruction.

endobutton fixation

The endobutton at the top is an example of 'suspensory' cortical fixation, where the device is on the outside of the bone and suspends the ligament, which would be fixed at the lower end with perhaps an interference screw.



The endobutton can be manipulated by the 'strings' so that it can be turned longways to pull it through the tunnel, and then flipped sideways so that it cannot fall back into the tunnel once it is tensioned.


Rehabilitation after ACL hamstrings graft with endobutton fixation

Endobutton fixation allows full weight bearing ambulation with crutches immediately after ACL reconstruction surgery, provided there has been no concomitant meniscal repair procedures. Gradual full range of motion with a brace may be allowed from the second week after surgery.

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Is an endobutton bioabsorbable?

An endobutton is not bioabsorbable. If it is causing problems it will have to be surgically removed.

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endobutton fixation device

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