Meniscal repair encompasses various techniques of surgically closing up a tear in the meniscus.

outside-in mattress sutures
The 'outside-in' technique of meniscal repair.


Suitability for meniscal repair

There are nowadays special instruments, sutures and fixation devices that make repair possible, but not all tears are suitable for repair. The most suitable are likely to be longitudinal tears of the medial meniscus towards the outer rim of the meniscus where the blood supply is best.


Outcomes of meniscal repair

In general outcomes of meniscal repair are good, with the majority of athletes being able to return to sport. Occasionally the repair fails and may need revision. Sometimes there are complications, such as damage to superficial nerves and knee stiffness caused by local arthrofibrotic scar tissue..

Suture of the meniscus

Editor's interpretation of a 2018 article about rehabilitation after meniscal repair.

An interpretation of a 2015 published medical article on meniscal root tears.



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