A hamstrings graft is a ligament transplant using one of the hamstrings tendons from the back of the knee.

Illustration from the back of the knee showing the tendon of the semitendinosus - which is accessible from an incision on the medial side. The tendon of the gracilis is not shown but runs alongside.


Tendons involved in a hamstrings ACL graft

Usually the ACL surgeon will create a 4-stranded graft using the semi-tendinosus - often together with another muscle, the gracilis (which is itself not actually a hamstring).

pes anserinus graft

Cruciate ligament reconstruction

A surgeon discussion about whether or not one really needs to reconstruct a torn cruciate ligament.

Graft choice for cruciate ligament reconstruction

There are different options for cruciate ligament reconstruction, both in terms of the procedure and also the graft material.



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