Essential knee terminology
Tanner staging search for term

Tanner staging is a scale of alterations in sexual characteristics that help to identify comparative sexual maturity in adolescents.

TB search for term

Abbreviation of 'tuberculosis'.

Tegner score search for term

The Tegner score is a scoring system to gauge how disabled one is from one's knee problem in terms of activity.

Tendinitis search for term

Tendinitis infers inflammation of a tendon, although often the condition is more a degeneration than an inflammation.

Tendon search for term

A tendon is the white fibrous end of a muscle, which connects the muscle to the bone.

Tendonitis search for term

Same as 'tendinitis'.

Tenodesis search for term

A tenodesis is a surgical procedure where a tendon is surgically attached to bone.

Teratoma search for term

A tumour containing differentiated tissue, such as skin, hair and teeth.

Teratomas search for term

Tumours containing differentiated tissue, such as skin, hair and teeth.

Terminology search for term

'Terminology' means the meaning of words.

Theraband search for term

The trade name for wide elastic bands used for rehabilitation exercises, and development of strength.

Thermal shrinkage search for term

This is a controversial technique where a radiofrequency 'wand' is stroked over the fibres of a ligament to cause shrinkage, and consequent tightening of any laxity.

Thighbone search for term

The femur - the long bone going from the hip to the knee.

Thrombophlebitis search for term

An inflammation of the tissues caused by a clot in the vein.

Tibia search for term

The tibia is the shin bone.

Tibial inlay search for term

A procedure for fixation of a PCL graft onto the tibia, using a press-fit technique.

Tibial plateau search for term

The tibial plateau is the flattened upper surface of the tibial bone (shinbone), where it makes contact with the rounded ends (condyles) of the femur (thighbone).

Tibial plateau fracture search for term

A tibial plateau fracture is a bone break through the flat top end of the shin bone (tibia).

Tibial spine search for term

A raised area of bone in the middle of the tibial plateau, and related to the attachment of the cruciate ligaments.

Tibial torsion search for term

'Torsion' means 'twisting'. In tibial torsion it is the tibia bone that is abnormally twisted.

Tibial tubercle avulsion search for term

Tibial tubercle avulsion is when the attachment of the patellar tendon to the tibia is torn off.

Tibial tuberosity search for term

The tibial tuberosity is the bony lump on the shin below the kneecap (patella) where the patellar tendon attaches. It is also called the tibial tubercle.

Tibial tuberosity transfer search for term

Tibial tuberosity transfer is a surgical procedure involving cutting the bony bump below the kneecap (the tibial tuberosity) and either moving it or re-angling it.

Tibial tunnel search for term

A term used in cruciate ligament repair to refer to the drill hole on the tibia through which the replacement ligament is threaded.

Tibiofemoral joint search for term

The tibiofemoral joint is the junction of the tibia bone (shinbone) with the femur bone (thighbone).

Tibiofibular ligaments search for term

The tibiofibular ligaments stabilise the joint at the top of the fibula where the fibula forms a synovial joint with the tibia.

Tide mark search for term

A zone within cartilage, where the cartilage starts to calcify.

Tightrope search for term

The TightRope is a device for fixing an ACL graft which offers the advantage of complete filling of short femoral tunnels.

Tip toes search for term

A knee rehabilitation exercise for the early phase.

Tissue bank search for term

A tissue bank is a place where body parts are stored for later use in transplantation.

Tissue engineering search for term

Tissue engineering uses combinations of cells, biodegradeable scaffolds and other biological substances to repair or replace body parts.

Tissue graft search for term

A tissue graft is a transplant of body tissue from one area to another in the same person, or from a donor to a recipient.

Tissue processing search for term

Laboratory alteration of body tissues to suit different purposes.

TKA search for term

Abbreviation of 'total knee arthroplasty'.

TKR search for term

Abbreviation of 'total knee replacement'.

Torn meniscus search for term

A torn meniscus is a split through the fibres and matrix of the shock absorber of the knee.

Total joint replacement search for term

Removing damaged joint surface it its entirety from a joint, including the underlying bone and the menisci (and ligaments), and replacing it with metal and plastic.

Total knee arthroplasty search for term

Same as 'total knee replacement'.

Total knee replacement search for term

Replacement of the femoral and tibial surfaces of the kee joint with metal and plastic, and generally also part of the patella.

Total meniscectomy search for term

The surgical removal of the whole of a meniscus.

Totipotent search for term

Referring to stem cells - a totipotent cell has the ability to develop into a complete embryo.

Tourniquet search for term

The tourniquet referred to in knee surgery is usually an inflatable wrapping which goes around the upper thigh during surgery.

Transfix search for term

Transfix is a system of fixation of meniscal tears (tears of the knee cartilages).

Transplant search for term

A transplant is the removal of a body part from is origin and re-growing it somewhere else in the same person or in another person.

Treadmill search for term

A useful item of equipment for knee rehabilitation.

Triamcinolone search for term

Triamcinolone is a steroid used to treat inflammatory disorders.

Triple varus search for term

Varus alignment of tibia and femur associated with a deficiency of all of the posterolateral structures, and where the deformity increases on standing, and a varus recurvatum position is present.

Trochlea search for term

Same as 'trochlear groove'.

Trochlear search for term

The adjective of 'trochlea', eg trochlear groove, trochlear dysplasia.

Trochlear dysplasia search for term

Trochear dysplasia is a condition where the  trochlear groove is abnormal, usually at its upper end, at which point the groove is abnormally flat or even heaped into a 'bump'.

Trochlear groove search for term

The trochlear groove is the concave surface where the patella (kneecap) makes contact with the femur (thighbone). Also called the 'trochlea'.

Trochlear implant search for term

A trochlear implant is a metal resurfacing of the groove of the trochlea to replace damaged joint cartilage there.

Trochleoplasty search for term

A trochleoplasty is a surgical procedure to re-shape the walls of the trochlear groove.

Trunk extension search for term

Trunk extension is a rehabilitation exercise to strengthen the lower back.

TT-TG Distance search for term

TT-TG distance is a measurement derived from CT or MRI scans, which gives an indication of the sideways alignment of the groove in which the kneecap slides with the attachment point of its tendon on the tibia.

TTT search for term

Abbreviation of 'tibial tuberosity transfer'.

Tuberculosis search for term

Tuberculosis is an infection caused by the tuberculosis bacterium. It is commonly called TB.