A tibial plateau fracture is a bone break through the flat top end of the shin bone (tibia).

Schatzker classification of tibial plateau fractures
Type I tibial plateau fracture


Why the tibial plateau is important

The tibial plateau is an important area because it is where the two menisci are seated and the two cruciate ligaments are tethered.

Fractures or bone breaks of the tibial plateau not only have the potential to upset the delicate mechanics of the knee, but they are also frequently missed by the emergency team despite the patient complaining of severe pain in the knee following an injury.

One needs X-rays in two different planes to be able to see the often subtle outline of the fractured area. Also, the bone may not necessarily break off, but may be crushed and the fragment depressed, and it needs an experienced eye to appreciate this on X-ray.

Tibial plateau fractures can be difficult to manage and cause problems with rehabilitation. Key issues include:

  • restoring the anatomy
  • avoiding residual stiffness from arthrofibrosis
  • avoiding residual pain from arthritis
Schatzker fracture

Interpretation by our editor of a 2016 article about tibial plateau fractures and their outcome.

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Tibial Plateau Fracture

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