TT-TG distance is a measurement derived from CT or MRI scans, which gives an indication of the sideways alignment of the groove in which the kneecap slides with the attachment point of its tendon on the tibia.

TT-TG distance

TG = trochlear groove, and for the measurement it is identified at its deepest point. TT = tibial tubercle, where the tendon attaches.

TT-TG distance

Two imaging 'slices' from different levels (one at the TG level and the other at the TT level) are overlaid to measure this distance.


Kneecap instability

Calculation of the TT-TG distance is a normal part of the evaluation of a person with an unstable kneecap.


How to measure TT-TG distance

The TT-TG distance is the distance measured from side to side, as if you dropped a 'plumb line' down from the deepest part of the groove.


What is the normal TT-TG Distance?

It is normally about 9mm, and if it´s more than 15-20mm then it means that the alignment of the groove with the tendon attachment is poor, tending to pull the kneecap over to the outer side.

Tibial tubercle - trochlear groove distance

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Review and Meta-analysis of publications reporting outcomes in patients who had an isolated MPFL reconstruction for patellar dislocation.

How TT-TG Distance is measured, and what it means to the patient with patellar instability.

This is the Editor's interpretation of a paper published in the orthopaedic literature in 2016.



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