Full arc extensions are early rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the quadriceps and improve range of motion.

full arc extensionsSit comfortably on a chair. Slowly extend the knee and hold it there for 10 seconds, keeping the quads muscle contracted.
full arc extensions


Slowly lower the leg and repeat on the other side. Repeat this whole sequence several times. Add ankle weights if it is too easy.


Why is knee extension important?

Proper knee function demands a strong quadriceps muscle which can support the body's weight when walking and running. This particular exercise is an open chain exercise - where the foot is free during the exercise, and should only be included once the patient is confident with closed chain exercises of the quads, such as mini-squats, where the foot remains in contact with the surface throughout the procedure.


The patella - important anatomical relationships

The kneecap or patella is part of a chain of structures that help to straighten the knee.

Full arc extensions

Full arc extensions are early exercises to strengthen the quadriceps muscle - this article offers a video and photos to explain the exercise.

Short arc extensions

An explanation of how to perform the exercise of short arc extensions, with video.