ACL rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction is phased from early post surgery to return to normal function, including sport.

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Phases of ACL rehabilitation

ACL rehabilitation takes into account the initial period when the new ligament is gaining a blood supply, then the period of improving range of motion and strength, then the final stage of return to full activities.

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Recognising complications during ACL rehabilitation

If there is a failure to make progress with extension during ACL rehabilitation, one must think of the potential complications of notch impingement and cyclops lesion. Notch impingement is when the intercondylar notch has not be sufficiently widened to allow easy mobility of the graft during flexion and extension. If the graft keeps catching, it may start to strip a little with each passage and the stripped tissue can bunch up into a cyclops lesion, where a scarred lump can catch on the roof of the notch with each extension.

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Peer-reviewed papers

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    "Clinicians should be discouraged not to use strict time frames and protocols .... guidelines should be followed that allow the rehabilitation specialists to progress the patient as improvements in strength, edema, proprioception, pain, and range of motion are demonstrated. Prior to returning to sport, specific objective quantitative and qualitative criteria should be met."

    Citation: Cavanaugh JT, Powers M. ACL Rehabilitation Progression: Where Are We Now? Curr Rev Musculoskelet Med. 2017 Sep;10(3):289-296. doi: 10.1007/s12178-017-9426-3. PMID: 28791612; PMCID: PMC5577427.

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