Rehabilitation is the programme of exercises and stretches undertaken in order to return the knee to as full a function as possible.

assisted flexion exercise step ups rehabilitation exercise hamstrings curl with swiss ball
Active assisted flexion - and early range of motion exercise Step ups - an early strengthening exercise. Hamstrings curl - a trunk strengthening exercise.

Objectives of Knee Rehabilitation

An eBook to help people understand what their rehabilitation team is trying to achieve.

A discussion about the importance to knee rehabilitation of a strong and balanced lower back and hip musculature.

How to perform patellar mobilisations

A brief but high value eBook - fully illustrated - showing how to keep the tissues around the kneecap supple.

Cornerstones of early knee rehabilitation

A valuable eBook detailing the principles of rehabilitation during those early days. Includes details of the exercises and stretches.

Tegner Score

A commonly-used scoring system that surgeons use when documenting your knee function.

Range of Motion

Video explaining the terminology of flexion and extension of the knee.

Knee Rehabilitation Principles

A pretty comprehensive rehab section offering descriptions of many of the routine knee exercises, together with an explanation of where each is relevant.




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Cornerstones of Early Knee Rehabilitation - ebook