Prone hangs are simple rehabilitation stretches to improve knee extension.

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pron hang stretch for flexion contracture

Lie on your belly on a firm surface like a table, supporting the thigh but allowing the lower limb to hang over the edge of the table. The limb's weight provides the stretch.

facilitated prone hangs

If you need to, you can use the other leg to assist with the stretch.


Passive stretching

Passive stretches are gentle as long as each stretch is given a minute or so before being repeated. When an end-point is reached, the other leg can be used to gradually take the movement a few degrees further.

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The importance of full extension

It is really important to regain those last few degrees of extension, because it allows 'lock-back' of the knee, so that one can stand unsupported.

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Forum discussions

  • Loss of extension

    Regaining extension may be a function of both quads strengthening and extension stretching.

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passive extension exercise

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