Quad sets or quads sets are knee rehabilitation exercises to keep the quadriceps (quads) muscles from becoming inhibited after injury or surgery.

quad sets positioning

Positioning for quad sets exercises. Contract the quads and hold the contraction for 10 seconds, if necessary trying to push the knee down onto the bed.

quad sets exercise

Bending the knee slightly with a soft towel or foam will help the exercise.


Quads muscle inhibition

Impaired functioning of the quads muscle group is thought to arise from central nervous system alterations that can occur after knee injury as a protective mechanism to prevent further injury.

static quads
quads sets

A-Z of Rehabilitation Exercises

An alphabetical list of the sort of exercises usually prescribed by physiotherapists for knee rehabilitation.

Quad sets

How to perform a quad sets (quads sets) exercise, with images and video.

Static quads

An early knee exercise after injury or surgery.


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