A bucket-handle tear is a special kind of displaced circumferential tear of the meniscus, where the free bit flips over like the handle of a bucket.

bucket-handle tear of the meniscus
bucket handle
locked bucket handle tear


Management of a locked bucket-handle tear

A patient may find that the displaced portion flips back on its own, with immediate relief of locking - but it may recur, and each episode may cause the tear to extend. The best route is for the surgeon to flip the torn bit back and suture it in position until it heals.


Natural history of the 'bucket-handle'

The circumferential (longitudinal) tear pre-dates the locking, but with each episode the tear may extend and flip over more easily. Eventually the 'handle' may break and the loose end may flap in the joint and eventually break off altogether to float in the joint as a 'loose body'.



How the surgeon decides on management.

Types of meniscus tear

Illustrations of the types of tear one might see in the meniscus.



Knee surgeon Kirti Moholkar discusses "Is a bucket-handle tear of the meniscus a surgical emergency?"

Orthopaedic surgeon and knee specialist Kirti Moholkar discusses the issues of a bucket-handle tear of the meniscus.

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Arthroscopy showing surgeon using a probe to try to reduce a locked bucket-handle.

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