A parrot-beak tear of the meniscus is an oblique tear where the torn end rounds off to resemble a parrot's beak.

parrot-beak tear
parrot-beak tear of the meniscus


Issues of a parrot-beak tear

The parrot-beak tear is an oblique tear of the meniscus. Often the 'beak' may flip underneath the rest of the meniscus and be missed on arthroscopy unless the surgeon is diligent in probing and pulling at the undersurface of the body of the meniscus. Over time the 'parrot-beak' may nourish itself from the joint fluid and get bigger and round itself off, occasionally causing catching in the joint.

Oblique tear

How the surgeon decides on management.

Types of meniscus tear

Illustrations of the types of tear one might see in the meniscus.


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Parrot beak tear of the Lateral Meniscus. Embed courtesy of Sports Injury Surgery Kilkenny Ireland