An arthroscope is an instrument for looking into the knee.

An arthroscope is the main instrument used for keyhole surgery of the knee - ie arthroscopy. Both arthroscope and instruments are introduced into the knee via small cuts - called portals.

Light is shone into the knee through the arthroscope, which has a small lens at the far end to angle the light beam.

The same instrument has attachments to allow an inflow under pressure of sterile water-based fluid to expand and wash the joint, and an outflow under suction to extract any tissue which has been cut away.

At the other end is an attachment for a camera, which relays the image to a monitor, like a TV.


Diagnostic Arthroscopy

This course gives one an overview of the anatomy of the knee as the surgeon sees it during arthroscopy. The reader will get an idea of how the surgeon's view inside the knee is dependent upon the positioning of the portals and instruments.