A partial meniscectomy is the removal of a part of a meniscus.

partial meniscectomy
A partial meniscectomy may leave the outer rim intact.


The all-important outer rim

The outer rim is the most important part when it comes to absorbing and defecting the vertical forces going through the knee. If the damaged part has to be removed, the surgeon will try to at least retain the outer rim.

meniscal trim

The reasons why doctors nowadays try to preserve the meniscus.

An 'interpretation' of a 2008 paper looking at whether the use of a collagen meniscus is valuable after meniscus injury. The conclusion was there there was some likely benefit in patients who had had a previous meniscectomy but not in patients who had just torn their meniscus.



Partial Meniscectomy recovery time.

Partial meniscectomy not guilty?

partial meniscectomy -- timelines for pain and activity?


The influence of synovial inflammation and hyperplasia on symptomatic outcomes up to two-years post-operatively in patients undergoing partial meniscectomy. Scanzello CR, Albert AS, DiCarlo E, Rajan KB, Kanda V, Asomugha EU, Swaim BH, Katz JN, Goldring SR, Richmond JC and McKeon B. Osteoarthritis Cartilage. 2013 Sep; 21(9): 1392–1399.

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