Arthroscopic means relating to keyhole surgery of a joint.


What is an arthroscope?

The tube and camera used for keyhole surgery is called an arthroscope. As 'arth' means 'joint', the word indicates that it is for looking into a joint.

arthroscopic surgery photo taken through the arthroscpe The image is relayed to a mouted TV monitor, so the surgeon is looking up at the image while operating with his hands and instruments.
In one hand the surgeon holds the arthroscope with its camera and light source in the other he holds the instruments required for the arthroscopic surgery. The surgeon's view is thus contained by the rounded shape of the arthroscope. This is an arthroscopic photograph of normal joint cartilage within the knee.  

Arthroscopic Anatomy

Part 3 of a course on Diagnostic Arthroscopy by Dr (Mr) Angus Strover of the UK.



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