Medial reefing is a surgical procedure to tighten the tissues on the medial aspect of the patella.


Relationship to lateral release

Medial reefing is often performed in association with lateral release or lateral retinacular lengthening in patients who have problems with instability of the patella.


The unstable patella

A discussion about patellar instability, the factors that may cause the patella to sublux or dislocate, and what can be done about it.

A patellofemoral expert discusses the modern role of the now controversial lateral release procedure

Proximal realignment procedures

Realigning the patella in the proper axis by surgical procedures above the patella.

Surgery for patellar malalignment

Part 8 of a course on Patellofemoral Pain by Dr Ronald Grelsamer of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.



Medial reefing.

What does medial reefing mean?

Open lateral release and medial reefing?


Long-term outcomes after combined arthroscopic medial reefing and lateral release in patients with recurrent patellar instability – a retrospective analysis. Schorn D, Yang-Strathoff S, Gosheger G, Vogler T, Klingebiel S, Rickert C, Andreou D and Liem D. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2017; 18: 277.

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