Patellar dislocation is a painful and distressing event, when the patella jumps clean out of the restraining walls of the groove in which it normally rides.

dislocation of the patella with torn MPFL
In the first dislocation event the patella usually dislocates to the lateral side. This is due to the anatomy of the region. At the same time other structures may be injured, such as the medial patellofemoral ligament which may be torn and there may also be a small fracture on the medial side of the patellar and some associated bone bruising.


Management of patellar dislocation

A first event may be managed conservatively, with a period of immobilisation, after which sports may be limited for some months. If there is a subsequent event, the patient is usually subjected to a full investigation of any underlying causes and surgery may be planned. This may include a reconstruction of the MPFL. In patients where there is a marked problem with the anatomy, such as trochlear dysplasia, corrective surgery may be undertaken.

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