Ligament reconstruction is re-building a torn ligament using tissue from other parts of the body, a donor or synthetic material.

How does ligament reconstruction compare with ligament repair?

In a ligament repair, the two ends of the torn ligament are held together until they heal, although this might be augmented by a prosthetic material until healing is complete.

In a reconstruction, on the other hand, the original torn ligament is removed and totally replaced by a construct created by tendon material such as hamstrings tendon.

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Collateral ligaments - repair or reconstruction?

Medial collateral ligament injuries are assessed to determine whether the injury is a sprain or a complete tear, being classified accordingly. Grade I and II injuries are usually initially managed conservatively (without surgery) with the usual P.R.I.C.E. regime and then a functional brace until the sprain is healed. If there is still pain and instability after a reasonable trial period, then reconstruction is indicated. Grade III injuries require reconstruction with either allograft or autograft.

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What is the most important ligament reconstruction in the knee?

The most important ligament reconstruction in the knee is that of the anterior cruciate ligament.

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