The medial patello-femoral ligament is a small but important ligament stretching from the inner aspect of the patella (knee cap) to the femur bone.

medial patellofemoral ligament or MPFL
The MPFL supports the patella in position throughout the range of motion of the knee.


Function of the MPFL

The MPFL acts as a passive restraint, helping to keep the patella properly aligned. When it is damaged, the patella is free to sublux or even dislocate to the outer side. When reconstructing the ligament, it is important that it is correctly placed, or else it will be under too much tension at certain positions within the movement range.


The patella - important anatomical relationships

The kneecap or patella is part of a chain of structures that help to straighten the knee.

Patellar instability and dislocation

Discussing how the anatomy can affect the tendency to dislocate the patella.