OA is an abbreviation of 'osteoarthritis'.

Outerbridge Grade IV - patellar cartilage fibrillated with exposure of underlying bone in the tibia
The joint surfaces within the knee showing osteoarthritis breakdown of the usually shiny white joint cartilage - you can even see the yellower bone showing underneath.

Knee osteoarthritis and diet

How the food you eat can affect your knees.

Joint Cartilage & Osteoarthritis

Papers about joint cartilage problems in the knee, delivered at a very basic level.

An 'interpretation' of a 2009 paper looking at the factors that increase the likelihood of developing osteoarthritis after cruciate ligament injury.

The concept of arthritis compartments

An overview to help the reader understand issues of arthritis.



OA abbreviations HELP!!

What does OA feel like?

What's the difference OA / Chondromalacia ?


Towards secondary prevention of early knee osteoarthritis. Mahmoudian A, Van Assche D, Herzog W and Luyten FP. RMD Open. 2018; 4(2): e000468.

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