Limb alignment is the alignment of the leg when standing and weight-bearing.

mechanical axis
Long-leg weightbearing X-rays will allow computation of the distance between the mechanical axis (yellow) and the anatomical axis (blue). Here on the one side the patient is shown to have a varus (bow-leg) deformity because the two lines do not match up in the centre of the knee joint.


Varus and valgus deformity

When the legs are bowed, it is called a varus deformity. When they are knock-kneed it is called a valgus deformity.


Discussion of changes to limb length caused by damage to the growth plate before puberty.

Article with photos about the rotational deformities involved in the condition of miserable malalignment.



How accurate is anatomic limb alignment in predicting mechanical limb alignment after total knee arthroplasty? SLee SA, Choi, S-H and Jong M. BMC Musculoskelet Disord. 2015; 16: 323.

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