An ACL autograft is a reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament using tissue obtained from the same patient.


The biological advantages of autograft

Although harvesting autograft material from the patient leaves them with a harvest site that may be a bit compromising, autograft has the advantages of being genetically identical to the tissue it is replacing, it is not treated with any chemicals or physical processes and it is warm and fresh. In the case of the ACL it will still need, however, to re-establish a blood supply and re-fashion itself to fit its new purpose.

Autograft can be harvested from the hamstrings tendons, the patellar tendon, the quads tendon and in some cases also the iliotibial band.

anterior cruciate autograft

Cruciate ligament reconstruction

A surgeon discussion about whether or not one really needs to reconstruct a torn cruciate ligament.

Graft options in revision ACL

ACL reconstruction failure and revisions - Part 7 - by Dr Frank Noyes.



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