A hamstrings graft harvest is a surgical operation to remove a hamstrings tendon from the inner aspect of the thigh, for use in a graft procedure.

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Why are they called 'hamstring' muscles?

The long tendons of this group of muscles allowed butchers to hang pig legs up on a hook in order to make ham, and this is how they got their name. Three muscles comprise the group known as the hamstrings - the Biceps Femoris muscle, the Semitendinosus muscle and the  Semimembranosus muscle. For a hamstrings graft it is usually the semitendinosus tendon that is harvested, often together with the Gracilis tendon (which is not a hamstring. After a small incision is made through the skin, the tendons are revealed, and a tendon stripper is used to slide up the tendons and free them from their muscles.

Hamstrings harvest

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