Infrapatellar contracture syndrome is a condition of excessive scarring behind the patellar tendon, in the infrapatellar area.

normal infrapatellar area

Normal tissues below the patella and the patella in a normal position.

infrapatellar contracture

Infrapatellar contracture syndrome with the tissues scarred below the patella and the patella pulled down.


Patella infera or baja

Infrapatellar contracture syndrome may lead to chronic pain from increased pressure on the upper surface of the patella.

Anterior interval arthrofibrosis

Dr Peter Millett chats about his experience with infrapatellar contracture syndrome and the importance of recognising it early before the shortening of the patellar tendon becomes irreversible.

Dr Peter Millett discusses why knee surgeons need to be aware that arthrofibrotic scarring can occur in this area because of the position of their arthroscopic portals (cuts).

An 'interpretation' of a 1987 article where surgeons were understanding the role of scarring in entrapping the patella and drawing it into an abnormally low and painful position.



Arthroscopic Resection of Fat Pad Lesions and Infrapatellar Contractures. Doner GP and Noyes FR. Arthrosc Tech. 2014 Jun; 3(3): e413–e416.

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eBook - Arthrofibrosis and patella baja

Easy-to-read eBook explaining how the scarring process of arthrofibrosis can affect the patella, pulling it down into a position where every knee bend becomes painful.