Patellar mobilisations are soft tissue stretches around the kneecap that prevent adhesions from tethering it down and causing a stiff knee.

patellar mobilisations

The thumbs are used to tilt the patella from side to side.

patellar mobilisations

Patellar glide to mobilise the parapatellar gutters and retinaculum.

patellar mobilisations

Mobilising the suprapatellar area.


Why do patellar mobilisations?

The patella is central to all movement in the knee as this bone lies within the tendon of the quadriceps muscle. If the patella is tethered down by inflammatory adhesions, the knee will not be able to properly bend and straighten.

patellar mobes
patella mobes
patellar mobilizations

The Anatomy of Knee Flexibility

A course explaining how the knee can become stiff.

Patellar mobilisations

Simple but very important to prevent stiff knee after surgery.

Patellar Mobilisation

Part 2 of a set of tutorials by Dirk Kokmeyer on Arthrofibrosis Rehabilitation.


Patella mobes after LOA

What is Patella Mobes?

Patellar Tendon Scarring.


Effectiveness of Patellofemoral Mobilisation, Stretching and Strengthening on walking Ability and Stair Climbing in Subjects with Osteoarthritic knee - A Comparative Study. Megha M, Mohanty P and Pattnaik M. Open access.

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