NB August 2023 - This list is very outdated and needs updating...

A list compiled by the Editor and our Readers of knee surgeons we believe to have a special interest in the posterolateral corner.

First published in 2013, and reviewed August 2023 by Dr Sheila Strover (Clinical Editor)


This is a list of knee surgeons who have an interest in ligament surgery and who we believe to have special expertise in surgery of the posterolateral corner:


Dr Henrik Aagaard - Dragoer, Denmark

Dr Svend Erik Christiansen - Aarhus, Denmark

Dr (Prof) Lars Engebretsen - Oslo, Norway

Dr Gregory C Fanelli - Danville, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr Bent Wulff Jakobsen - Aarhus, Denmark

Prof Dr Sung-Jae Kim - Seoul, South Korea

Dr Robert F LaPrade - Edina & Eagen, Minnesota, USA

Dr Roger V Larson - Seattle, Washington, USA

Dr Lyle A Norwood - Columbus, Georgia, USA

Dr Frank R Noyes - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dr Russell F Warren - New York, NY, USA

Dr Fred Wentorf - Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


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