NB August 2023 - This list is very outdated and needs updating...

A list compiled by the Editor and our Readers of surgeons we believe to have a special interest in cosmetic lower limb lengthening & realignment.

First published in 2013, and reviewed August 2023 by Dr Sheila Strover (Clinical Editor)

These surgeons are not all 'knee' specialists, but rather they specialise in managing limb lengthening or limb deformity.

Most of these surgeons deal with cosmetic management, with emphasis on cosmetic results rather than orthopaedic optimisation of symptomatic limbs. It is a list only for reference - we do not hold their details on our database.

Dr Jamal Abunemer - Kiev, Ukraine

Dr Alexander Barinov - Volgograd, Russia

Prof Dr Rainer Baumgart - Munich, Germany

Dr Zoran Bitrak - Ohrid, Macedonia

Dr Maurizio A Catagni - Lecco, Italy

Dr J Dean Coley - Orlando, Florida, UK

Dr Vladimir Dragan - Kiev, Ukraine

Dr Yasser Elbatrawy - Cairo, Egypt

Dr Khaled M Emara - Cairo, Egypt

Dr Jean-Marc Guichet - Marseilles, France

Dr Mehmet Kocaoglu - Istanbul, Turkey

Dr Milorad Mitkovic - Nis, Serbia & Montenegro

Dr Monica Paschoal Nogueira - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dr Said Sodki Saghieh - Beirut, Lebanon

Dr Viktor Shatov - Volgograd, Russia

Prof Vladimir Shevtsov - Kurgan, Russia


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