NB August 2023 - This list is very outdated and needs updating...

A list compiled by the Editor and our Readers of knee surgeons with expertise in trochleoplasty.

First published in 2013, and reviewed August 2023 by Dr Sheila Strover (Clinical Editor)


This is a list of knee surgeons, specialising in the patella, and who we believe to have special expertise in trochleoplasty:


Dr Ned Amendola - Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Dr Elizabeth A Arendt - Bloomington, Minnesota, USA

Dr Philippe Beaufils - le Chesnay Cedex, France

Dr Roland M Biedert - Bienne, Switzerland

Dr Lars Blønd - Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Matthew Bollier - Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Dr Carlo Camathias - Basel, Switzerland

Dr David Dejour - Lyon, France

Mr Jonathan D Eldridge - Bristol, UK

Dr Laurie Heimstra - Banff, Canada

Dr Robert LaPrade - Vail, Colorado, USA

Dr Manfred Nelitz - Oberstdorf, Germany

Dr Thomas Rouanet - Lille, France

Dr Philip B Schöttle - Munich, Germany

Dr Petri Sillanpää - Tampere, Finland


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