NB August 2023 - This list is very outdated and needs updating...

A list compiled by the Editor and our Readers of knee surgeons that we believe to have a special interest in meniscal transplantation

First published in 2013, and reviewed August 2023 by Dr Sheila Strover (Clinical Editor)

This is a list of knee surgeons that we believe to have expertise in meniscal transplantation:


Dr Henrik Aagaard - Dragoer, Denmark

Dr Peter Albrecht-Olsen - Frederikssund, Denmark

Dr Karl Frederik Almqvist - Ghent, Belgium

Dr Craig H Bennett - Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Dr Michael Bohnsack - Hannover, Germany

Dr Graeme Brown - Geelong, Australia

Dr Jez Brown - Sheffield, UK

Dr Sven E Christiansen - Aarhus, Denmark

Dr Ramon Cugat Bertomeu - Barcelona, Spain

Dr Roberto D'Anchise - Milan, Italy

Dr Herman H de Boer - Heerlen, Holland

Dr Lars Engebretsen - Oslo, Norway

Dr Carlo Fabbriciani - Rome, Italy

Dr Chris D Harner - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr Jon Hyman - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Dr Timothy S Johnson - Baltimore, Maryland USA

Dr John J Klimkiewicz - Washington DC, USA

Dr Lawrence Kohan - Bondi Junction, Adelaide

Dr Dieter Kohn - Homburg-Saar, Germany

Dr Michael Krogsgaard - Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Robert F. LaPrade - Edina & Eagen, Minnesota, USA

Dr Djordje Lazovic - Hannover, Germany

Dr Klaus Lehrberger - Munich, Germany

Dr Hermann Mayr - Munich, Germany

Dr Ian McDermott - London and Northwood, UK

Dr Peter T Myers - Brisbane, Australia

Dr Thomas Muellner - Vienna, Austria

Dr Frank Noyes - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Dr Libor Pasa - Brno, Czech Republic

Dr Gabriela Peters - Hannover, Germany

Dr Halit Pinar - Ízmir, Turkey

Dr Matthew T Provencher - Ízmir, Turkey

Dr Per Renstrom - Burlington, Vermont, USA

Dr Scott A Rodeo - New York, NY, USA

Dr Bernard M Seger - Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Dr Med Rainer Siebold - Heidelberg, Germany, Europe

Dr (Mr) Tim Spalding - Coventry UK, Warwickshire UK, London UK

Dr Kevin R Stone - San Francisco, California, USA

Dr Marcelo Torres - Sul Goiânia, Brazil

Dr Peter Verdonk - Ghent, Belgium

Dr René Verdonk - Ghent, Belgium

Dr Chris Wilson - Cardiff, UK

Dr Soeren Winge - Copenhagen, Denmark

Dr Carl J. Wirth - Hannover, Germany


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