A meniscal transplant is the transplant of a donor meniscus into the patient when their own meniscus is damaged beyond repair.

Meniscus allograft

The graft can be inserted via different methods.

meniscal allograft on bone block


Here a donor meniscus with a bone block is prepared to be slotted into a matching slot in the bone at the top of the tibia in a 'tongue-and-groove' fashion..

Meniscal allograft
Meniscal allograft transplantation
Meniscal transplantation
Meniscus transplant
Meniscus replacement

Issues of Meniscal Transplant

Discussing the differences between the two menisci and how this affects the transplant decision.

Biologic Knee Replacement

A course by knee surgeon, Dr Kevin R Stone M.D. of the Stone Clinic in San Francisco, California, USA.

Meniscus replacement

Replacing damaged meniscus tissue with a graft or a scaffold.

Who's Who in meniscal transplantation?

A list compiled by the Editor for the benefit of readers of knee surgeons with a special interest in meniscal transplantation.