A-Z of Rehabilitation Exercises

An alphabetical list of the sort of exercises usually prescribed by physiotherapists for knee rehabilitation.

Links to sites offering a comprehensive range of exercises and stretches for knee rehabilitation.

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Nick’s Medial Plica Excision & Fat Pad 3 Years Post Op

It's now been 3 years since my surgery on my right knee and 2012 has been a good knee year for me without too many knee problems. I decided to finally do what I always talked about and joined a Running Club, I choose Droitwich Athletics Club in the County of Worcestershire that is also well known Worldwide for it's Famous Knee Clinic...

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First four weeks

A couple of days after second surgery the hospital physio's arrived, I was still in a lot of pain and was surprised that that they pushed so fast to get me up and about. I was fitted with a hinged brace, metal bars with lockable hinge joint...

Non-operative treatment for patellofemoral pain

Part 7 of a course on Patellofemoral Pain by Dr Ronald Grelsamer of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.