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TPF - Second Month

The second month after the staples came out was the most difficult, not as painful but loads more foot cramps and aches, this was a combination of over-exercise and not having the leg elevated enough. If you stay on your feet too long when NWB then your foot and kee swells (mine goes purple), do this too long and cramps are a cert which painkillers don't touch. You need to keep the foot and leg elevated above you hip and exercise but not too much, how much?, not sure I never got it exactly right and probably everyone is different.

If like me you will be having local physio but...

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First four weeks

A couple of days after second surgery the hospital physio's arrived, I was still in a lot of pain and was surprised that that they pushed so fast to get me up and about. I was fitted with a hinged brace, metal bars with lockable hinge joint...

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TPF - run down by a car

The accident?

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Physio assessment two months post surgery for TPF

Just got back from my first physiotherapy appointment, friendly and helpful with some experience of TPF she was cautious in recommending that I concentrate only on exercises to straighten my leg and rebuild quads, wants to speak to OS before attempting to change the limit on the...