A quick overview of factors that may help prevent knee stiffness after knee arthroplasty.

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How I got here - Part Two

My continuing journey, thanks to those of you sticking with it.  Two years passed and my knee felt as good as it was before the accident. However, later that year I started to get a lot of pain on, and down the inside of the knee, especially  when going upstairs. I have a very high tolerance for pain and just got on with life as you do, taking the odd pain killer when required. After several months the pain started to become too much and I knew there must be something amiss. Again, off to the...

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How I got here - Part one

Hi, I have never written a blog before, so please forgive me if you think it uninteresting. I'm writing for me as much for anyone else, therapy if you like. However, if it helps just one person or stops them making the same mistake then I will be very happy.

My story started in March 8 years ago after a skiing accident in Italy. It was a stupid accident actually not like all the exciting black run and race stuff that you hear about. I just got off a ski lift and that was that. I started to slip on the sheet ice and my binding came off one one boot but not the other...

Preparing for knee replacement

Part 4 of a course by Dr Kirti Moholkar on Knee replacement.