The meniscocapsular junction is the region where the knee meniscus attaches to the capsule that surrounds the knee joint.

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tear of the meniscocapsular junction
The arrow is showing a tear in the meniscocapsular junction.


Vulnerable areas

The integrity of the menicocapsular junction is not the same all the way around the two menisci. In particular there is a gap at the back of the lateral meniscus where the popliteus tendon passes between the two, creating a vulnerable area there.

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Why is a meniscocapsular junction lesion significant?

Tears of the area where the meniscus is tethered to the capsule may go unrecognised - commonly when there is a concomitant ligament injury (eg ACL) dominating the clinical picture. Their significance become apparent when knee laxity continues despite ligament reconstruction.

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Peer-reviewed papers

  • Quote:

    "this type of injury is often missed, both during MRI reading and due to its "blind" point of arthroscopic vision....[and]....may lead to meniscocapsular or meniscotibial disruption."

    Citation: Taneja AK, Miranda FC, Rosemberg LA, Santos DCB. Meniscal ramp lesions: an illustrated review. Insights Imaging. 2021 Sep 25;12(1):134. doi: 10.1186/s13244-021-01080-9. PMID: 34564751; PMCID: PMC8464645.

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