The popliteus tendon is the tendon of the popliteus muscle, which is a muscle at the back of the knee. This is a small but important muscle that contributes to knee stability.

Popliteus muscle and popliteus tendon The tendon is unusual in that it passes into the joint capsule behind the lateral meniscus via a gap called the popliteus hiatus.


The popliteus and the posterolateral corner

The popliteus muscle and tendon have a complex relationship to the lateral meniscus and the other structures of the posterolateral corner.


An important discussion of two patients whose symptoms changed and worsened after a partial lateral meniscectomy.

Posterolateral corner

A brief overview of the anatomy in this important part of the knee.



Popliteus impingement after TKA may occur with well-sized prostheses. Bonnin MP, de Kok A, Verstraete M, Van Hoof T, Van der Straten C, Saffarini M and Victor J. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2017; 25(6): 1720–1730.

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