A meniscal root tear is a tear of the knee meniscus close to the root region where the meniscus is anchored to the underlying bone.

probing the meniscal root meniscal root tear
A probe being used to examine the integrity of the root area. A radial tear through the body of the posterior horn at the root. Dr Robert LaPrade of the Steadman-Philippon Institute discusses the importance of the early recognition and repair of meniscal root tears. (Start video, then click box on right of video to jump to YouTube)


Meniscal root tears and arthritis

Meniscus root tears may be acute, where the tear occurs suddenly and is immediately associated with incompetence of the meniscus as a shock absorber. In older people it may only be recognised when investigation of arthritis symptoms reveal a meniscal extrusion, with the meniscus slipping out over the edge of the tibia bone. Either situation may end up with the patient developing arthritis, but early recognition of an acute tear may result in referral to a specialist meniscus surgeon, and repair of the tear before arthritis is established.

Meniscal root tears are classified as Types 1-5 depending on the situation and extent of the tear.

meniscal root lesion

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