Meniscal extrusion is when the meniscus becomes loose from its moorings and slips out over the edge of the top of the tibia.

tear of the posterior root of the medial meniscus


Tear of the posterior root of the medial meniscus. The meniscus becomes incompetent at absorbing vertical forces.

meniscal extrusion

The vertical pressure pushes it over the edge of the tibial plateau, leaving the bones in contact with one another.


Meniscal extrusion and knee arthritis

Extrusion of the meniscus may be a result of a tear of the meniscus near the root or an avulsion (pulling away) of the root from the underlying tibia bone. As the meniscus slips over the edge of the tibia, it becomes totally incompetent as a shock absorber, and the cartilage covering the bones may rapidly become stressed and damaged, resulting in arthritis. Arthritis can develop very quickly as the joint cartilage of femur and tibia break down.


Meniscus tears

Discusses how a meniscus can become injured, and the types of meniscus tear and their consequences

An explanation of what it means to have a 'floating' knee meniscus on MRI imaging.

An interpretation of a 2015 published medical article on meniscal root tears.



Back in the club! >10 years post meniscus repair and my knee is shot.


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