A medial meniscus tear is a tear of the substance of the shock-absorbing medial meniscus.

meniscus at arthroscopy both menisci from above longitudinal meniscus tear
Both medial and lateral menisci rest on the upper surface of the tibia, tucked between the rounded condyle of the femur and the flattened plateau of the top of the tibia. Looking down at the top of the menisci one can see that they are different in shape, and the C-shaped medical meniscus is better tethered to the outer capsule. A longitudinal meniscal tear, cutting through the fibre-filled matrix of the body of the meniscus..


C-shaped medial meniscus

The two menisci are different shapes, with the medial meniscus being more C-shaped than the O-shaped lateral meniscus.


Surgery for meniscus tears

A discussion about the value of surgery for meniscus tears.

A discussion of the differences between the two menisci in terms of their mobility, and what this means in terms of meniscus injury patterns.