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The word 'mal' means 'bad' or 'poor'. 'Malalignment' implies that the relationship or geometry of one bone in relation to its neighbouring bone is outside of what one might consider normal.


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Important patellofemoral concepts

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X-ray Imaging for Patellar Malalignment

The patella is ideally suited for imaging, and when it comes to detecting malalignment the doctor will usually start with plain x-rays.

Here the standard of care would be to obtain four X-rays. These would include the so-called AP (front-to-back), the side view (otherwise known as the lateral), the standing tunnel view and the so-called Merchant view – otherwise known sometimes as the...

Patellar malalignment

Patellar malalignment is a general term pertaining to any abnormality of the position or tracking of the patella.

Malalignment is a very important diagnosis to make because malalignment of the kneecap and the surrounding tissues has the potential to cause pain and/or...