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Knee pain

Knee pain is pain felt in the knee.

It is a complex subject, and there are even several disorders where pain is experienced in the knee but which originates elsewhere and does not actually involve the knee at all.

Pain may be experienced at a specific point, like the patellar tendon. Other specific areas may include the back of the knee in its hollow (eg popliteal pain due to a Baker's cyst) or along the joint line at either side of the knee (eg due to a meniscal tear) or at points of inflammation of tendons or bursae (friction sacs).

Or it may be diffuse, with the patient rubbing vaguely over the front of the knee in an attempt to describe the discomfort to the clinician. This sort of vague pain in the front of the knee is generally referred to as 'anterior knee pain'. When related to patellar problems, the common story is of pain aggravated by stairs or squatting.

Arthritic knee pain is also somewhat vague, and often troublesome at night.

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