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There is a very small team behind the day-to-day operations of the KNEEguru website, but there is a huge community of people involved in other ways - bulletin board members participating in learning and in helping others via the bulletin board, and medical professionals offering their time pro bono to produce authoritative content. Our own team includes -

Clinical Advisory Board

Dr Lars Blond

Mr Sebastiano Nutarelli

Management Team

Dr Sheila Strover - Clinical Editor

Ms Leah Davies - Marketing and IT


Dr Sheila Strover 

Ms Kijika Rolle-Rowan

Company Structure

The KNEEguru website is owned by ftmg Associates Ltd, a UK-based limited company (company number 2893459; incorporated 1st February 1994) owned by Dr Sheila Strover, Mrs Leah Davies and Dr Lars Blond. The domain domain was first registered on 4th February 1997.

Dr Sheila Strover (BScHons MBBCh MBA) is Director of ftmg Associates Ltd and responsible for key strategy and the development of the content on the site. She is a medical practitioner (ex anaesthetist), with many years' experience working in a medical managerial capacity with the knee surgeons and physiotherapists at the Droitwich Knee Clinic and The Knee Foundation in the UK. She left those two organisations in 2003, and no longer has any commercial involvement with them.

Miss Kijika Rolle-Rowan is a Director with occasional involvement in strategic planning and operations.

Mrs Leah Davies is the technical person in the team and she handles all the systems that support interaction on the site, the site security and general server-side issues. Leah is also responsible for marketing and social media strategy.

The Bulletin Board Community play an essential role in supporting newcomers to find answers to their questions, and their requests guide the production of new content on the site.

Guest Contributors support our work by helping with the production of the authoritative resources on the site - courses, tutorials, in-depth insights, and commentaries.

Site concept

The KNEEguru website is a learning resource, where the standard is high but the language is accessible to the general public.

At the core of the site is the bulletin board, where a dedicated group of people have stayed faithful to the site and its ethos. They help newcomers to build up their understanding of anatomy and knee vocabulary, and then direct them to resources - both internal and external - where they should be able to better inform themselves about their own knee problem.

Resources include a dictionary, anatomical illustrations, lists of common conditions and symptoms, basic information on special topics, in-depth insights on selected topics, and sophisticated tutorials by experts in the field.

Site ethos

As this site is run by a medical professional, professional standards apply. The site is registered with the 'Health on the Net Foundation' (HONcode) and we work to their standards.

Although the content may be couched in lay terminology as far as possible, the material is sufficiently educational to be relevant even to medical professionals themselves.

As there is currently no commercial sponsor there is no skew of content due to pressure from sponsors. Every attempt is made to be honest with opinions and to give credit to professional sources.


The site is funded by advertising, donations, course income, sponsorship and affiliate sales revenue.

Updated: 24 Jul, 2015
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