A varus osteotomy is a surgical procedure where the bone is cut and re-angled, to correct a valgus (knock-knee) deformity.

What is a varus osteotomy?

The procedure aims to delay or prevent knee replacement where arthritis is affecting only one half of the knee joint. It is a realignment procedure where one of the knee bones is cut and realigned to shift the forces going through a damaged part of the joint. This may be a distal femoral lateral opening wedge osteotomy or a tibial medial closing wedge osteotomy. The procedure is relevant is the person has a 'valgus' deformity or a 'knock knee'. It may also be called a 'varising' osteotomy.

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What is a valgus deformity?

A valgus deformity is when one or both of the knees is angled so that the knees bump together when walking. It is commonly the result of damage to the meniscus and/or joint cartilage of the outer side of the knee.

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